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    【Exhibition】2020 International heat-conducting and heat-dissipating materials and equipment exhibition (shengzhen)

    Date:  2020.08.27--2020.08.29

    Location: Shenzhen exhibition center

    Booth No.: A080 # 3


    The exhibition will focus on showcasing new products and technologies of thermal and thermal materials industry. The exhibition will establish brand image for enterprises, promote trade cooperation, market development, lead the industry trend, strengthen production, research and development, sales interaction, in-depth insight into the future development of thermal and thermal materials market at home and abroad. With the vision of development, the exhibition explores the new demands of the future thermal and thermal materials market, innovates the connotation of the exhibition, organizes the professional audience in an all-round and multi-level way, and provides a platform for technical exchange, product display and trade negotiation for the exhibitors and the participants.

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